ECGF Pilot Exchange Programme


ECGF Pilot Exchange Programme

  • Type: Pilot Exchange
  • Functions:
  • Learning Objetives:

    The experts of the ECGFA NET project contributors or ECGF Training Network members interested to apply for exchange period should follow the application procedure for exchangees. Please first contact the National Coordinator/Institution Coordinator/ ECGFA NET II -project Point of Contact of your organisation to discuss your ability to participate in the pilot programme.

    Potential Exchangees must submit an application via National Coordinator/Institution Coordinator/ECGFA NET II -project POC.

    Application includes

    1. Application form
    2. CV
    3. A declaration of participation including supervisor´s approval


    Application is to be submitted to the ECGFA NET II project team electronically (ecgfanet(a) by the end of 30 April 2017. In pilot phase the applications will be processed in order of arrival until the maximum number (20) of participants is attained.

    Personal data will be collected and further processed only in the context of management of the ECGF Pilot Exchange  Programme in conformity with the Personal Data Act of the Finnish Border Guard.

    Please see the table of available Hosts indicating the details of exchange period and specific learning outcomes.


    Detailed Hosting plans, if available, can be found can be found by clicking the hyperlinks within the text below.

    1. Maritime Labour Convention Course (Genoa, Italy, ITCG)

    2. International Safety Management Course (Genoa, Italy, Italian Coast Guard)

    3. Practical training in operative CG units (Turku area / onboard OPVs, Finland, Finnish Border Guard)

    4. Search and rescue (Almada, Portugal, Portuguese Naval Academy)

    5. On the Job training on OPV, Coast Guard Officer ( Neustadt, Germany, German Federal Police)

    6.  Border control / Trafficking and smuggling and law enforcement / Maritime monitoring and surveillance / Fisheries inspection and control (Lisbon, Portugal, Guarda Nacional Republicana)

    7.  Personal water craft driving and high speed boats driving in tactical police missions (Lisbon, Portugal, Portuguese National Maritime Authority)

    8. Monitoring and Control of Fishing (Piraeus, Greece, Hellenic Coast Guard)

    9. Ship Inspections (Piraeus, Greece, Hellenic Coast Guard) Knowledge of Greek language required

    10. Maritime patrol activities and inspection in customs areas (Maritime Base of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, Spanish Customs)

    Spanish customs, detailed hosting plan presentation

    11. UK Maritime and Coast Agency Training for trainers (Great Britain, UK MCA)

    12. UK Maritime and Coast Agency Practical training in operational office (Great Britain, UK MCA)


  • Estimated duration: May-August 2017
  • Estimated starting time: 2017-05-28
  • Requirements:

    Target group:
    Officers, operational level personnel and experts who are representatives of the member organisations of the ECGF Training Network/ECGFA NET II -project contributors.

    The sending institutions:
    The Exchangee must be from member agency of ECGF Training Network or ECGFA NET II Project Contributors (ECGFF Member).

    Requirements for Exchangee candidates are:
    - Good level of English which enables interaction amongst colleagues. Should the exchange be in another language than English, the Host and the Exchangee should be able to provide all required documentation in English;
    - Minimum of three years of work experience and expertise in the defined specialised category;
    - have a need and readiness for individual learning;
    - have the ability and willingness to cascade newly gained knowledge.

  • Reply deadline: 2017-05-18
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